World Convention
It's a great honour for us to invite some of the best Martial Arts Masters in the world today, to the upcoming World Convention. And you are invited too!
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Free Membership
Welcome to the Wmas - Your Friends are already here! Get your Free membership today or become a Lifetime Member.
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Track Record
In the Track Record section we present all members who have been promoted by Wmas since the year 2000.
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Instructor Education
If you wish to be considered to teach at a Wmas Convention, you will have to be a certified Wmas Instructor. In order to become such an Instructor, you need to pass our Instructor Education.
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Budo Science
Budo Science is a section within Wmas. It operates in areas such as martial arts physiology and sports psychology. We use modern science to explain ancient budo.
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As a Lifetime Member, you will receive unique franchise rights, second to none in the Martial Arts world.
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Wmas is a pure self-defense organization based on the principle of sharing knowledge
between open-minded instructors of International levels.
Wmas educates Martial Artists on a broader and deeper level and has
affiliated black belts around the globe.